I am an avid, private collector seeking any and all works of art by Albert Ernest "Beanie" Backus. I am not a dealer or reseller but a Florida native who enjoys this artwork and desires only to collect and preserve it.

I will pay cash today for your Backus artwork.

I am also actively seeking artwork by Alfred Hair, Harold Newton, R. A. McLendon, and other original Florida Highwayman artwork. I also collect and preserve artwork by a number of others who have painted images of my home state of Florida.

To ensure a quick evaluation of your painting, email a digital picture of your painting to me. Include a close up of the signature if possible. If your camera can’t get a clear close up of the signature, please be sure to specify the name of the artist that signed it.

Please also list the painting in inches. (only the painting not the frame)

I only collect original signed works or art. I do not collect prints, lithographs or reproductions.

You can also call me now on my cell phone but email is the fastest way to reach me.
(954) 398-4353. If no answer then please leave a message describing the artwork you have on my voicemail stating the painting size and artist name who signed the painting. No prints.

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